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What could be more interesting to ruin than a beautiful painting?


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book has affected me for days, was sickened and amazed in numerous scenes! Wild act of solidarity in Trianon, "There is nothing I could do to you that you wouldn't deserve", cried a LOT, also extremely hot. every submission I have ever wanted for myself is here. amazing job, I don't know what to do.

thank you so much, such a beautiful reaction!! 💜 thanks for suffering the passion of it. my soul is refueled! 💉✨🦟

Deleted 28 days ago

it's so hard to find the material in this world, one can starve for it, with all these empty calories. "messed up in the only way that's made me feel like i'm not" yeah...writing it was like making a bubble that got me through a hard year when everything else was unbreathable. a little something for the extremophiles....

and thank you! may you be seen, hopefully with less physical trauma <3


cultural precedent for the sick lands of serious weakness. they survived too long like its not really exploring the engine i mean its so formal like a form i don't use, i read it like a mouse where it's a lucky star. counting lucky stars from these got into my thoughts while sick, made me sure to drink any water and but i still don't know priority.

well i wrote this at 40 pages and slowly absently got to 80 pages before coming to. time to channel this to afford the time.. i'll like to read next time more so like mouse houses and setting up and going out or maybe not. anyway not a house but i need a non fantasy game to read this and i believe in reader participation cya bye