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What could be more interesting to ruin than a beautiful painting?


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One of the most phenomenally well written books I have ever read. It was so fucking vivid right from the get-go. However, I'm not sure I "enjoyed" this book as I had a full blown panic attack and almost threw up while reading it. That is an extremely impressive feat, though.

thank you!! panic attacks feel so fucking bad. i'm flattered! ❣️


Reading this book was like being forced to stare into a mirror and acknowledge all the horrible shit that was fucked into me against my will. 10/10

if i could pick a one line serious weakness review that would be it
thank you <3

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christ on fucking earth. i have not been this gripped by a book in years. every time i wasn’t reading it i was thinking about it, and every time i was reading it it felt impossible to drag myself away. i finished it today, at work i have these little five minute breaks every half hour or so and i was using every single one to devour this. seriously one of the best books i’ve ever read. the first night i started i stayed up until 4am reading. every second i just had to find out what happened next even when every time it was more fuckshit gore and rape. so fucked up. felt like i was getting crushed.

im a classics student and read mostly stuff from 2000 years ago, and this was my first foray into something… truly modern? written by someone like me? the first novel i’ve ever read that captures what the online world is really like. i’m used to seeing posts and videos about the internet and internet culture, but i’ve never read a book that mirrors it back to me (the reason for that is of course that terminally online geniuses don’t get bookshop book deals that reach my corner of the earth, and i haven’t ventured much into this realm before. more fool the me!!! i am incredibly excited to read more of your stuff, and find other people with similar stuff. shoutout to paying for an .epub). it was also completely hilarious! based and waterpilled! so many times i laughed out loud.

also the most refreshing portrayal of autism i’ve ever consumed. i feel like i clung too much to the bastion of the unproblematic as a teenager after i got diagnosed, and this was exactly what i needed at this point in my life. every use of “retard” was cathartic (all the “faggot”s too lol). i feel somehow more secure in my autism after this.

incredible gore, viciously affecting, graphic rape scenes, the whole book was overstimulating in the best way, i’ve read few books that feel so vivid and bright. your descriptive prose was phenomenal. the whole book felt drenched in neon and blood (and piss and cum and energy drinks and sweat and tears and vomit and pizza grease). today while i was reading it i bought a pizza for lunch and drank my monster energy just to try and feel it all more than the words.

just obsessed with the characters and their relationships too, holy shit, will be thinking about trianon and insul and oenone til the end of my days. and the climate change stuff was great too, very casual, so real. lots of things (the autism, the sexuality and genderish stuff, the climate change stuff) felt touched on so realistically and subtly, just really well done. the school shooter stuff was crazy. it was kind of refreshing too to see that portrayed so bluntly, without i think the precise fear that usually surrounds the phenomenon, but without also the cruel glee that you’ll find 4channers espousing. i am australian, so mass shootings are not really on the public consciousness as much as they are in america, but in late high school i kind of voyeuristically looked a lot at online columbine fans as like an exercise in cringe, fascinated by their weirdness and their obsession with that shooting. also by coincidence the morning on the day i started this book i was at the site of the worst mass shooting in australian history, so it was kind of on my mind.

fuck. so glad i came across this book, so glad you wrote it! i write a bit myself (lots of blood and vomit and such) and you have inspired me to write even more (and even weirder). can i ask like where you got the idea from, or how it came about, like i guess the creative process lol? like what was the first idea you had that made you go yeah this needs to be a book? and did you always know it would end with them alive and together? also god sorry for all the questions but how did you come up with the names they are so fun. if you’ve answered these before do just link me or something lol. anyway. big outpouring but i needed to say it! just haven’t been so engrossed in a book for ages.

i responded elsewhere but thank you so much, loved reading this review 💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥

Feels like someone taking a melon-baller to your soul, ripping it out of your body, pointing out everything about it that will be loved or appreciated, good or bad, crushing it till no juice remains, then shoving it back in the aforementioned melon-balled corpse.

it's the best book I ever read. it made my brother complex worse.

<333 thank you!!  what a beautiful picture...congrats on your brocom+ melon balling 🩸🩸🩸🍉


One of the most traumatic pieces of media I've read in a long time. I ate this in a singular voracious week while isolated on a ship. I finished it with an immense darkness in my stomach. The ship served corndogs, that night.

It's good. It's really, really good.
It's difficult to recommend. If I tell you anything about it beyond "This is a story about a damage assessor being kidnapped by a vandal," you won't read it.

You've gotta read it. 
You didn't get here by accident.

i remember that conversation, it was very encouraging early on after finishing the book. thank you <3

I wrote about it in my diary, dude.
It was such an experience for me, and the fact that you listened to me go off about it meant a lot, because I felt like if I had said it any later, it wasn't going to be raw anymore, and it wouldn't be exactly what I felt.

like remembering a dream...i understand. that's very sweet, yay 🐛🌌


Incredible incredible stuff. Overwhelming and difficult to get through in the best way, I found it impossible to read it without basically carving out time to pace around alone during breaks. Thank you for such harsh-clear and disrupting writing, scenes will linger in my mind forever after this point.


pacing around sleeves rolled up smoking those yaoi cigs!! loved this review, thank you 💜


This book is both difficult to put down and pick back up. It brought back a lot of traumatic, yet somehow fond memories. I am of the mind that the more that a piece of art is able to change you fundamentally as a person, the better it is. This is probably the best book I've ever read (so far). This book rearranged the borders of my mind multiple times, disturbing my sense of identity and momentarily reawakening the phantoms of hallucinations long past. It will be interesting to see where the borders land once the dust has settled (I only just now finished my first reading). I know they won't be in the same places they were before, that's for sure. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art with the world!

i'm very moved it could affect you so deeply. thank you 💜

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A book that squishes its characters together like blobs of dry play-doh until they crumble and merge in monstrous intimacy. It’s fucked up. It feels daring. I really liked it.


thank you! when i was really small i would squish playdo into tiny pawns of people. nothing has changed... 🦠🦂


i read this book at the end of december and i'm reading it again now. i always feel so lucky to find art/writing like this. it feels like a big overblown statement, but it really changed my life in some way that's hard for me to put to words. i feel like i'm always desperate for stories that puncture me the way this one does, and they're so hard to find. this gave me the gutting i wanted and i was numb for a whole day after finishing it. it was horrible and hot and heartbreaking. thanks for this and for making so many things that matter to me.


This made me really happy, like writing it was really worth it. I understand, it's so hard to find something that hits just right, most media leaves me so listless like what's the point…

Horrible/hot/heartbreaking, the three H's of antiquity...that's exactly how I'd want someone to feel after reading it. Thanks for writing,  I will keep making sharp objects <3


book has affected me for days, was sickened and amazed in numerous scenes! Wild act of solidarity in Trianon, "There is nothing I could do to you that you wouldn't deserve", cried a LOT, also extremely hot. every submission I have ever wanted for myself is here. amazing job, I don't know what to do.


thank you so much, such a beautiful reaction!! 💜 thanks for suffering the passion of it. my soul is refueled! 💉✨🦟

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it's so hard to find the material in this world, one can starve for it, with all these empty calories. "messed up in the only way that's made me feel like i'm not" yeah...writing it was like making a bubble that got me through a hard year when everything else was unbreathable. a little something for the extremophiles....

and thank you! may you be seen, hopefully with less physical trauma <3


cultural precedent for the sick lands of serious weakness. they survived too long like its not really exploring the engine i mean its so formal like a form i don't use, i read it like a mouse where it's a lucky star. counting lucky stars from these got into my thoughts while sick, made me sure to drink any water and but i still don't know priority.

well i wrote this at 40 pages and slowly absently got to 80 pages before coming to. time to channel this to afford the time.. i'll like to read next time more so like mouse houses and setting up and going out or maybe not. anyway not a house but i need a non fantasy game to read this and i believe in reader participation cya bye