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Eczema Angel Orifice is a compilation of award-winning hypertext fiction by Porpentine Charity Heartscape.

It contains the following stories: With Those We Love Alive, Howling Dogs, Ultra Business Tycoon III, Cyberqueen, High End Customizable Sauna Experience, Their Angelical Understanding, Skulljhabit, Parasite, Beautiful Frog, Climbing 208 Feet Up The Ruin Wall, Begscape, Orifice Clique, Sewer Diamond War of 3096 Reenactment, Her Car is the Edge of the World, Wild Wild Gender Mines, Myriad, Metrolith, Contrition, Ruiness, Frolic RPG, Mother, Shadowchildself, List of Hellgenders, The Sky in the Room, Faceless Genderless Amorphous Bonemass Hairbeast, Miniskirt World Network: Business Slut Online, Miss Clemory and the Stranger, Vesp, Girlwaste, Ballast, Neon Haze, One-Move Boss.


  • Comes with 5k+ words of director's notes
  • A viewing guide with recommendations based on mood and length + content warnings
  • Updated versions of most stories (like a new Angelical Understandings soundtrack, visual remastering, and rewrites).
  • If you like fantasy/scifi short stories, games with strong narrative, or art with complicated feminine protagonists, you might like Eczema Angel Orifice.
  • If you've already played these, it's a great way to introduce a friend to my work in an accessible way.
  • I hate capitalism...give me money...



Eczema Angel Orifice was greenlit and is coming to Steam - anyone who buys on Itchio will receive a free copy on Steam.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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