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Eczema Angel Orifice is a compilation of award-winning hypertext fiction by Porpentine Charity Heartscape.

It contains the following stories: With Those We Love Alive, Howling Dogs, Ultra Business Tycoon III, Cyberqueen, High End Customizable Sauna Experience, Their Angelical Understanding, Skulljhabit, Parasite, Beautiful Frog, Climbing 208 Feet Up The Ruin Wall, Begscape, Orifice Clique, Sewer Diamond War of 3096 Reenactment, Her Car is the Edge of the World, Wild Wild Gender Mines, Myriad, Metrolith, Contrition, Ruiness, Frolic RPG, Mother, Shadowchildself, The Sky in the Room, Faceless Genderless Amorphous Bonemass Hairbeast, Miniskirt World Network: Business Slut Online, Miss Clemory and the Stranger, Vesp, Girlwaste, Ballast, Neon Haze, One-Move Boss.


  • Comes with 5k+ words of director's notes
  • A viewing guide with recommendations based on mood and length + content warnings
  • Updated versions of most stories (like a new Angelical Understandings soundtrack, visual remastering, and rewrites).
  • If you like fantasy/scifi short stories or text adventures but for fucked up people you might like Eczema Angel Orifice.
  • If you've already played these, it's a great way to introduce a friend to my work in an accessible way.
  • I hate capitalism...give me money...


  • me
  • gorgeous menu / music by legendary cyberkiller neotenomie


If you find any bugs, please let me know!

P.S. Mac users should know that macOS Catalina removed 32-bit support so if it doesn't work on your mac it might work on an older build/different machine/etc. But there is a high chance it does not work on mac anymore! 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
AuthorsPorpentine, neotenomie
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsCute, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Horror, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Text based, Transgender, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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hi Porpentine! I just wanted to let you know that we featured your work as an example in our shufPoetry Experimental Poetry Jam. Is this okay? If not I will of course take it down, and apologies for asking after the fact and not before. Hope you are well and thriving!


got no problem with people loving my stuff! thanks, you too!

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Just curious, but would you ever add some of your newer stuff to this collection?


I actually have updated it in the past, but to add the few twines I've made since then would be too much labor. They'll have to be enjoyed in their browser solitude. Thank you for your inquiry to PorpCo and have a nice day!

Aye Aye Captain!


Is this is available for purchase on Steam? There's a problem with my zip code on my debit card since I've moved, but Steam still lets me purchase games. I'd love to buy this compilation, being a huge fan of all these games. (Ultra Business Tycoon  III as my very favourite), I know it's been greenlit! 

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thank you! it works just fine on steam but we've ran into every kind of meta obstacle getting it validated, we've tried for over a year with no luck. if i ever find someone with the technical/bureaucratic knowledge to satisfy the arcane requirements of steam, i'll happily sell it there.


this is now on steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/422010/Eczema_Angel_Orifice/

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This collection is fucking amazing. That's what my long gushy review amounts to.

To get this to work on 64-bit Linux, you'll need to install some 32-bit libraries. On Linux Mint, you can get most of the way by installing the ia32-libs library (via synaptic, or `sudo apt-get install ia32-libs`) but you also need the 32-bit version of GTK 3.0 which you can do via the command line (`sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-0:i386`)


i read your earlier review too but didn't have a chance to reply -- thanks for your thoughtful, kind comments, and thanks for the helpful linux tip for future survivors in this barren wasteland of Internet 3 :]