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if you wanted a florid boys adventurish bildungsroman entry in my weaponwoman oeuvre

12,269 words

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TagsAlternate History, Animals, body-horror, Coming Of Age, Dark, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Text based


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finally got around to reading this while at the laundromat in the evening, me and my partner had it to ourselves. It made for a nice environment. Anyway, I kept having the thought while reading that this is the most damp story I've ever read, lots of mud and cold and humidity. It really sucked me in. It was really nice to be able to transport somewhere else so seamlessly. I loved it!!

wahh, laundromat seems like a cozy zone to read something damp, I was just thinking about them the other day....being in a room full of gently rocking cubes at night.
wetness is important to a lot of my stories (Dirty Wi-Fi def takes at least one of the cakes). thanks very much, and prepare for more splashiness in the future!

wetness is so good!!!!!! Also I remember really enjoying Dirty Wi-Fi, I'll have to check that out again with my newly acquired Wetness Lens

its funny, the novella and novel i'm working on have very "wet" plots. i guess i think a lot abt the many sources of liquid in the world! good luck to your Wetness Lens +2!

I looked back and was like "wow the wifi. Yes. The wifi is liquid. Oops" so yes. Very liquid story indeed. Thanks wetness lens.

I can relate, I've always been rlly fascinated w liquids and water and swampy shitsmelling-type areas. Then a few months ago I took some quiz about being autistic n it was like "Every Single Autistic Person has a Fascination with Water So Now This Website Dubs You Autism Brained" n I was like. Oh shit. Cool... question mark??

But anyway... that's exciting!!! More WetWare 2 come!!!!!!! 

hell yeah here's to aquatism 😎 🤝

I loved this like I love all your stories, thank you.

thank you brendan! a kind water to encompass them in!

 very excited that i have read this it is super great!! i cried like a little babie

thank you very much ::3 💧 also your art is really good, my gf showed me and i loves it 🌲👼

^  w   ^